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Yosh-ul is a tribal city on the outskirts of Dessanedi that's run by nomads.

Background[edit | edit source]

Yosh-ul is a meeting point for nomadic tribes that dwell within the region. About 1,000 residents live there permanently, but at any given time, the population doubles due to the nomads who come for only a month or so each year. In Yosh-ul, the temporary residents hold festivals, weddings, important meetings, and other community events before once again resuming their harsher nomadic lifestyle.

A natural spring provides water and a few fields of grains and vegetables. The permanent part of the community is a collection of wooden and stone buildings, and visitors to Yosh-ul erect temporary yurts, tents, and pavilions.

The town - if it can be called that - has no official ruler, but should the need for one arise, the leader of whatever tribe or tribes are in residence takes the mantle. However, the wisest among these leaders consult with a woman named Vona.

Many People in Yosh-ul revere Vona as a goddess. Unknown to most, she comes form a distant world and is an artificially created but organic being capable of asexual reproduction. Sent to colonize Earth, she originally produced a large progeny, but afterward she went mad and hunted down each of her offspring. Since then, she has reproduced only once, creating a daughter called Aorolae.

Vona has the power to alter and shape her own genetic material and that of other beings within immediate range. Thus, she can transform herself or others. Using her power as a weapon, she can cause an enemy's body to tear itself apart.

Vona is known to those in Yosh-ul as the Great Mother, the Glass Wraith, and the Life Weaver. Although aloof, she is kind and wise.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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