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Yenth is the parallel incarnation of the city of Yenth for the Whispering World.

Background[edit | edit source]

The skeleton of the former trade city of Yenth remains, as does the complex it was built around, but unfortunately it was overrun by the initial wave of whispers. Those same whispers were in turn driven out by a small community of humans with a faint purplish luster to their skin. They don't speak the Truth, but instead a language that sounds like clicks and whistles. These people are called the colrathi, and they're native to a parallel dimension called New Yenth which lies on the other side of a transdimensional portal housed within the prior-world complex.

Several humans from Yenth have since fled into the other dimension after they'd been exposed to the whisper trigger phrase. Sadly, they still ended up changing into whispers after their arrival. However, the natives of New Yenth seem to be unaffected by the whisper's attempts to transform them. Presumably their immunity is because they lack the nanites that suffuse their divergent Earth. Likewise, when a few adventurous colrathi figured out how to open the portal from their own side of the dimensional divide and entered what they thought was the Earth's base dimension, they still didn't succumb to the change.

It's very possible that this small community has since been colonized by nanites, potentially making them vulnerable. But no whisper has yet to arrive in New Yenth since the previous ones were driven out or eliminated.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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