Wreck of the Vlerryn

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Background[edit | edit source]

Looping away from the Earth for years at a time before disappearing out of the void once again for a brief rendezvous, a void-sailing craft from a prior age called the Vlerryn wanders in lonely isolation. A monstrous disaster struck the Vlerryn, almost as if a manifestation of the Iron Wind had blown across the vessel, twisting both the structure and its crew into an atrocious work of art.

But the Iron Wind wasn't what destroyed the Vlerryn. Rather, its doom was initiated by Mozck, a numinous creature of sadistic and unpredictable nature whose automaton minions burned through the warcraft's halls. Mozck's infection of the craft forced the last surviving members of the crew into an act of desperation, one that finally rendered local instances of Mozck inactive (at least, along the Vlerryn) but at the cost of their own lives and their vessel's spaceworthiness.

Prior to Mozck's arrival, the Vlerryn was crewed by the Moonwreckers, a group of explorers originally hailing from Qi. They discovered a crashed ship from some prior world, buried on Earth, and got it back up and running after a few years of exceptional effort. From there onwards, the Moonwreckers departed from the Ninth World and sailed into the continuing their adventures within the airless realms of outer space. They dubbed their craft the Vlerryn, after one of their companions that was lost during the retrofitting process.

Sadly for the Moonwreckers, on one of their adventures, they brought aboard a dormant component of Mozck. [1]

Hearsay[edit | edit source]

Twinship:[edit | edit source]

Rumors say that when the Moonwreckers first left the Ninth World in the Vlerryn, they saw another ship, nearly identical to it in ordbit, the other vessel still appeared to have power.

Secret Hold:[edit | edit source]

Records in Qi suggest that the Vlerryn held a secret compartment where the moon wreckers stored a powerful biomechanical device they found on a moon far from the sun.

Weird[edit | edit source]

Crater Mist:[edit | edit source]

A strange yellow-green mist rises from out of the pit where the Vlerryn was first excavated. Anyone who breathes in the mist finds that, for the next few days, the only word they're able to say is "eye."

Echo Warp:[edit | edit source]

Sometimes, within the engineering chamber, noises (including words spoken aloud) are repeated from 1-5 minutes later after they're first made.[2]

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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