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Wislayn is an extradimensional settlement located on the inner side of the Clock of Kala.

Background[edit | edit source]

At one end of the Sheer lies the trader town of Norou. At the other end is some kind of crystal tree that they try to pass off as a trader town as well.
~ Nalla, a travelling minstrel

In the middle of the eastern end of the Sheer stands a tall structure of violet crystal that resembles a tree, a tentacled sea creature, or perhaps a polyp 80 ft. tall. Tis strange artifact is used by approximately 1,000 people as a sort of town. Slightly more than half of these people are Augurs.

Touching the crystal transports you into an extradimensional space that appears to be inside the "tree."" The sky and ground are deep purple, hard and smooth. The space is about half a mile across, and inhabitants have erected buildings of wood brought from the outside. Many resemble normal structures with walls, and doors, and roofs, but others are hastily constructed barriers of light wood and cloth, since there isn't a need to keep out the elements - the space has nothing resembling weather of any kind. Walls in Wislayn are for mere privacy.

Newcomers appear in an open plaza at the center of town. At any given time, anyone in Wislayn can mentally access the "exit" and simply appear back inside the normal world, right next to the crystal tree.

The ruler of Wislayn calls herself the Ghostis and acts as the though the town is her private home in which she hosts visitors - and to her, everyone in town is a visitor. She's beautiful and elegant, very likely an Augur, but her appearance is almost certainly artificially enhanced and maintained. Most of the time, she wears a white, diaphanous gown of sheer fabric that trails well behind her. Gossip says the Ghostis has the ability to eject visitors from the extradimensional space instantly, as if they has willed themselves to leave, and can prevent them from reentering.

Those who believe the rumor further speculate that her intelligence was uploaded long ago into the Wislayn crystal itself, and the body she uses is an artificial creation. If true, the Ghostis might not be human or even from the Ninth World at all - who can really say?[1]

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Rumors say that there's a transdimensional warp that connects Wislayn with a secret location somewhere inside the Ancuan, within the Steadfast.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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