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White Lake is a small city located along the outskirts of Dessanedi.

Background[edit | edit source]

White Lake is a small town by most standards, but it's the only bit of civilization for 40 miles around, amid a particularly empty stretch of plains near the Jagged Wastes. About 1,500 people call the town home and have named it, not surprisingly, after the nearby lake fed by streams coming down out of the mountain.

The town's unofficial leaders are married couple named Hervan and Deil. Hervan is a Nano who specializes in esoteries that shape and control magnetic fields. Deil was a skilled warrior, but he lost the use of his legs a few years ago. Today he rolls about in a wheeled metal chair that Hervan levitates and moves when he's nearby. Both men command the respect of everyone in White Lake because years earlier, they drove off a force of abhumans that threatened the town.

The lake was named for the large number of ferrix turtles that lay their eggs there each spring, appearing to turn the normally clear waters white. The eggs are a delicacy to the people of White Lake, who carefully leave enough to ensure a new generation of the creatures.

Six miles south of the White Lake lie the ruins of Selascor Castle, a 400-year old fortress made of heavy grey stones. The lord of the castle was once the ruler of the area, but after an angry uprising, he was hanged for crimes against his subjects.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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