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Vimruth are deadly predators native to the seas of Perelande.

Background[edit | edit source]

Bursting up right through the crust of the Perelande oceans, a massive vimruth can send a whole group of characters flying in all directions. The vimruth is arguably the most feared predator on all of Perelande, making both the wedoth and the etteramerith wary of crossing the open crust. The amphibious vimruth can sense movement through the crust and will happily attack a wedoth boat alongside a group of creatures on foot. A lone traveler, however, might be safe, as only a starving vimruth would waste the effort on such a small meal.[1]

Abilities and Traits[edit | edit source]

Motive:[edit | edit source]

Hungers for flesh

Environment:[edit | edit source]

The oceans of Perelande

Health:[edit | edit source]


Damage Inflicted:[edit | edit source]

8 points

Armor:[edit | edit source]

2 (or 12 against cold)

Movement:[edit | edit source]


Modifications:[edit | edit source]

Speed defense as level 5 due to size.

Combat:[edit | edit source]

A vimruth's first attack is almost always by surprise, from beneath the crust (perhaps as a GM intrusion). In this dramatic attack, everyone within an immediate area is knocked off their feet. Those failing a Speed defense roll (difficulty 9 due to surprise) suffer 8 points of damage and fall into the water through the new opening in the crust. On its next action, the vimruth drains the heat from the surrounding water, flash-freezing it. Those in the water at the time of automatically suffer 6 points of the ambient damage and are trapped in the ice. Until they can break free (which is a difficulty 7 task), they suffer 3 points of ambient damage per round.

After trapping prey in the ice, a vimruth will switch to more convenient tactics, attacking up to three targets as a single action. Trapped characters are struck automatically.

A vimruth also has an additional +10 to Armor against cold.

Interaction:[edit | edit source]

There's just no talking to a vimruth.

Use:[edit | edit source]

The PCs meet some wedoth crossing the crust. The interaction is tense. Suddenly, a vimruth strikes, attacking everyone. If the PCs survive by working together, it likely will help improve relations afterward.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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