Untethered Legion

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The Untethered Legion is a mucky venue within the Ba-Adenu Forest.

Background[edit | edit source]

Deep in the swampy mire of the southeastern section of the Ba-Adenu Forest is the Untethered Legion. The name is both a place and a foul curse, one not even uttered in the brightest of days.

The Untethered Legion is a land of mud and oil, with pools of a murky substance that flows red for days on end, hardens to grey, and then liquefies again. And with every hardening of the land, the hounds of the Untethered Legion incubate inside its belly, waiting to emerge from the soil. When the pools turn back to black and red, the hounds are born, pushing nose-first through the liquid in a great upheaval of slavering jaws and bared fangs.

Awaiting their arrival are the legion's riders, biomechanical humans cloaked to match their new steeds. Their teeming masses fill this region of the forest - gathering, waiting, building something that 's so far unseen and unknown. Someone, somewhere, gives them orders. Only the legion knows what those orders are and where they come from.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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