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The University of Doors Field Station is a temporary outpost constructed by auditors from the University of Doors in the Banded Bluff.

Background[edit | edit source]

About a dozen auditors lie within a building constructed in one of the dimensional layers of the Banded Bluff. The layer containing said structure is only about 300 ft. wide and apparently exists as a segment of a parallel world similar in some ways to the Ninth World, except that it lacks in humans or even any evidence that any other kinds of civilizations arose on its surface.

The field station itself is a long structure of recent construction that carries research, meeting rooms, as well as living quarters. Several of the auditors inhabiting this building possess abilities that allow them to protect the entire station against entities from any neighboring layers. However, the station's own primary means of defending itself are through creatures called gibbs, which were brought over from the university. Gibbs are known to be masters at camouflage, appearing to the untrained eye as door knockers, yet being able to attain many shapes. Though they usually prefer the forms of scaled bests, large amphibians, broken hounds, or even the occasional nude female.

Inside lies one locked chamber (level 7 roll to try and infiltrate) which contains a door leading to the University of Doors (though only the Chief Auditor Sagvertrey holds the key). Another locked chamber (which would need a level 5 roll) contains a few artifacts recovered from some layers as well as several oddities and cyphers. It will also hold a few heavy, brick-like objects which the auditors are still investigating, suspecting for the moment that they're really collapsed dimensional layers.

Those come across the dimension will usually expect a cautious welcome from the inhabitants, though it's also possible that they might still be given a tour. If by some chance they show some interest in the field of exploration, they may be asked with joining Expeditioner Komara along some upcoming outing. While they're dedicated to their work, the auditors would still be glad to see new faces after being stationed for so long where they were.[1]

Auditors of Interest[edit | edit source]

Chief Auditor Sagvertrey[edit | edit source]

With weathered skin and silvery hair, Sagvertrey is way older what most people would think. Always at work, collecting samples, observing transposition (when various bands migrate across the bluff), completing an experiment or two, or simply lecturing other auditors on what he's found, Sagvertrey never seems to tire. The chief auditor has previously served as the Headstone of the University of Doors. But instead of leaving forever when his time was up, he was given the opportunity to found a Field Station at the Banded Bluff. He constantly fears that when the term of the current Headstone (a woman named Sajeen Dar) is finished, the succeeding Headstone may decided to recall him.[2]

Professor Manizer[edit | edit source]

A good chunk of the auditors assigned to the field station hold some kind of specialty. For Manizer, it would have to be weaponry, made apparent through her collection of blades and other dangerous-looking devices, alongside her much-patched suit of armor. Usually sour and surly in manner, Manizer will often fend off the others with barbs and insults. She holds a locked chamber within the station for studying dangerous items gathered from throughout the Bluff, not even reporting all that she's uncovered. Whatever's kept secret, she intends to turn over to a mysterious personage who's kidnapped her daughter, once her time at the station has concluded.[3]

Expeditioner Komara[edit | edit source]

Despite not really being some kind of teacher from the University of Doors, Komara is still well-respected around the field station. Whenever geared up for exploration, she'll wear a faded green cape and silver helmet shot through with multiple cracks (emanating from a close call several years prior). Komara usually leads expeditions into any newly discovered bands that'll appear on occasion following a migration event. Komara loves adventure, and gladly faces danger instead of fleeing from it. Some would blame that disposition for the 1-2 losses that have happened during past outings. Komara keenly feels for those losses, but instead of becoming more cautious, she's instead become more daring simply out of a need to prove herself more.[4]

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