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Ulenic City is a sprawling complex within the Endless Abode.

Background[edit | edit source]

Other beings inhabit the endless abode, besides the eleens, and more than can be even counted considering how large the dimension is. One group of creatures that fits this description are called ulenics, who've created a city of sorts from several continuous rooms and corridors. Ulenics are many-limbed, carapaced organisms that lack eyes and communicate through scent, or if need be, special devices that translate scents into audible language. They tend to ignore other creatures that aren't other ulenics, unless that creature becomes too annoying to ignore. Creatures that sense via sight will probably no be able to tell ulenics apart from one another, but ulenics can sense the position and rank of other of their kind simply by how they smell. A strict hierarchy among all ulenics is unconsciously clear to them, which entails that the enforcement of unpopular commands or laws is rarely required.

Ulenics are found wandering around almost anywhere within the Endless abode, collecting items and raw materials, but most of their number will remain concentrated in Ulenic City. Approximately 5,000 ulenics reside within the city, and given the nature of the Abode, it's quite difficult to sense their true number. The city itself is only more rooms and corridors, though they're filled with ulenic furnishings and décor, which aren't particularly obvious to human standards.

Large chambers within the city are used for food production and ulenics rely upon aquaculture, with many of these rooms flooded and set aside for farming purposes. Marine flora and fauna of all varieties care caught and harvested, then prepared in secondary chambers. Ulenics, thanks in part to their scent-enforced caste system, lack an economy of internal trade. This means that there aren't any shops and only special rooms where collected goods are silently redistributed according to need.

Yet despite their scent-enforced hierarchy, sometimes ulenics will rise up and try to overthrow their higher-ranked counterparts. These revolts end up being short lived, and result in the rebels' deaths or their expulsion from the community. This is the reason for why more than a few rival ulenic communities, much smaller than those found within Ulenic City, exists around other areas of the Endless Abode.

At the top of the ulenic hierarchy is the one that ultimately presides over the rest. Its name is roughly translatable as "Perfection of the Scent," though calling it "Your Perfection" is also considered acceptable. This ruler resides within an expansive room in which salvaged devices have been reformatted to serve as a massive glowing throne It's possible that the device actually has some functions beyond merely looking impressive, given that Ulenic City hasn't ever been threatened by either the Hunger in the Halls or by a flux storm of any kind.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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