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Tuleer is a medium-sized cloud city on the planet Urvanas.

Background[edit | edit source]

Tuleer contains just over 1,000 humans and not as many lux. A network of especially long and complex windrider piers stretch from the exterior, including one much longer and thicker than the rest. A single docked vessel seems permanently welded to this pier, one that's been permanently welded to this pier, one that's been long dormant and unpowered for as long as anyone in Tuleer can remember, and which has successfully resisted all efforts regarding entry.

Phloe, a lux of the Tuleer Sray (from which the cloud city takes its name), is a maker of custom Urvanas windriders. Unlike regular windriders, Phloe's have various additions that include further safety features, maneuverability, and both offensive and defensive options. Phloe can normally be found inside her hanging shop beneath the cloud city itself, shouting at her apprentices to be more careful. Her child, Davren, disappeared several years prior while riding a standard windrider, and she refuses to admit that he's dead. She imagines he's out hunting wild cloud cities and having adventures. And who knows? Maybe he is.

Gaslard Narm, the human town gossip, has got into his head that Tuleer has become a target for the Spindrift Slayers, a notorious gang of human cloud city raiders who ride on Malorks. Terrifying news, if true, but Gaslard has been going on and on about the same thing for months, and people are starting to think that he's mistaken - or worse, being purposefully inflammatory.

A man (or at the very least, a humanoid) without a name lives inside Tuleer's understory among the lux, though they tend to give him a wide berth, whispering that he's "Zhoh cursed." He lives alone and will rarely emerge. When he does, he'll never show his face, hiding it beneath a scarlet mask. Kids of both races say that he's so hideously scarred that one look at his face would kill a human or lux alike.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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