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The Trench Midzone is a sector within the trench of the underwater city of Minifera.

Background[edit | edit source]

Extending farther down the trench than any of the main, outlying oceia, the Trench Midzone is home to a vast honeycomb of mines built to harvest rare and extremely valuable minerals. Various scraps of synth devices also dot the area, dating back to one of the Prior Worlds. The naidans work the mines and tend to be very adept in their job. All mined materials are sent upward to nearby oceia via bubble-like contraptions, where they're then processed and incorporated into base substances that can be used for device repair, construction of new habitats, or even the maintenance of dyremmi. However, when dangerous objects, though very rare, are ever encountered, they're usually tossed into the Implosion Zone below.

A lone observation pod hangs from a thick reinforced stalk at the bottom-most point of the Midzone, operated by an observation team who've incorporated dyremmi-modified body parts in order to aid their perception of light, scent, radiation and, most importantly, gravity. Gravity storms often will surge up from below, causing the observation team to grade them on magnitude and, in some dire circumstances, even warn the citizenry above of an incoming, terrible one. Meanwhile, the observation team retreats into specially-created storm shelters to ride out the weather. Some of the researchers have recently worried of an upcoming gravity storm so powerful, that it could destroy Minifera and perhaps anything beyond it.

Energy from the Implosion Zone's storms are gathered via cables that zig-zag across the narrowing walls of the Trench Midzone to avoid tunnel apertures, with each as wide as a single naiadan, and ferried to the settlements above for power usage. These cables number in a dozen and are classified as level 10 synth and extend from the darkness below. [1]

References[edit | edit source]

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