Time Vault 33

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Time vault 33 is one of the time vaults from which the Thexx had emerged.

Background[edit | edit source]

Those Thexx whom had emerged from Time Vault 33 are akin to their androgynous siblings and seems similarly industrious, despite holding themselves apart from other of their kind. The most visible difference is the red sigil each bears on their foreheads. The sigil itself is composed of three overlapping circles.

The interior of Time Vault 33 is comprised of sooth, crystalline corridors that lead to empty dead ends. A central chamber, domed and scintillating with red light, is where the Thexx from this vault hold daily conclaves. They stand within a great circle, eyes closed. communicating along a silent channel that only another Thexx could greatly perceive. When Thexx who don't bear the sigil attempt to enter, those in Time Vault 33 will violently expel them. They also tend to be suspicious of other creatures, including the dothin and dimension walkers.

A Thexx named Epsilom serves as Time Vault 33's ambassador. If communication can be established, Epsilom won't be particularly forthcoming with information, but it's very curious about every detail regarding visitors. It's especially interested in news emanating from Earth, which it refers to as Earth 1. It suggests that it has reason to believe that miscreants that once ruled over Panaton had originated from Earth 1, or perhaps fled to it after time had become fractured, aeons earlier. It also suggests that aiding those Thexx that aren't part of Time Vault 33 would be dangerous for the time stream, but won't explain why that is. In fact, it tries to enlist visitors to aid the three-circle Thexx in destroying various machines being built by Thexx hailing from other time vaults.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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