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Thrynathum is a level 5 Quotum-based, psychic realm within the Thon Iridescence.

Background[edit | edit source]

Those who visit Thrynathum are instantly greeted with the joyous singing of a family choir, made up of a dozen or so children of the realm's ruler known simply as Empress Oria. The Empress, as well as her children and many consorts, all belong to a very humanoid race native to Thrynathum and the realm itself takes on the form of a massive palace-like structure with towers that extend for many miles between one another. At the palace's center lies a throne room dominated by a throne carved from the interior of some large diamond. It's there that the Empress will often host daily court and even nighttime parties.

Due to the fact that everyone is nearly related to one another, as well as forbidden to leave, anyone who comes to visit Thrynathum is always viewed with great interest. Sometimes, a visiting being whose morphology is at least halfway similar to that of the Empress will probably be auditioned as her next consort, even if said audition isn't immediately apparent. However, while visitors can bear children with Thrynathum residents, despite the latter being dream constructs, any of their progeny are subject to the same rules that prevent them from Ecatora.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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