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The Thexx are a humanoid race that recently entered into the realm of Panaton through time vaults buried beneath its earth.

Appearance and traits[edit | edit source]

The Thexx are skeletal beings, made from part flesh and part machine. Neither fully biological nor mechanical, Thexx need to sleep, eat, and breathe at only a fraction of the time required by living creatures. However, they do require at least an hour in natural light each day to maintain and full function. [1]

Society and Culture[edit | edit source]

Thexx have lived in Panaton for the past few years. They claim that they were contemporaries of Panaton's previous inhabitants, the Time Adepts, and went into hiding before time had become fractured. The Thexx say that the time adepts were involved in some kind of temporal war that stretched across countless epochs, against a force that the Thexx refuse to name. In a last defiant measure, the time adepts were determined to travel backwards in time to the point of inception of reality itself and modify the temporal structure in such a way that their enemies wouldn't ever come into existence. Worried at the risk, the Thexx decided to construct time vaults for themselves and fled into hibernation.

A few dothin claim that the Thexx are rather the time adepts come back in some new guise, and that they should either be avoided or eliminated. Other dothin, however, worry that the Thexx are the very same threat that the time adepts warred against, infesting the home dimension of the time adepts' temporal dimension like worms inside an apple.

Regardless, the Thexx are very intent on building up their power base within Panaton. Time wraiths may sometimes appear to block the Thexx's efforts at rebuilding ancient fortresses. Such appearances are consistent with dothin fears that the Thexx really are intent on taking control of Panaton and eventually using time itself as a weapon to consolidate a new empire on various parallel dimensions.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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