The Sorrow's Prey

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The Sorrow's Prey
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Quest data
LocationCircus MinorDendra O'Hur ChapelCliff's Edge
Given ByZaofi the Sculptor
RewardSpirit Shroud
40 XP

The Sorrow's Prey is a side quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Zaofi, a sculptor in Circus Minor, witnessed the murder of a man by the Sorrow, the same creature that is hunting me. Now he's obsessed with sculpting the moment of the killing, but all his attempts have been failures - he cannot immortalize the victim until he learns more about him.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Zaofi the Sculptor.
  • Head to the Dendra O'Hur Chapel and inspect the body on the slab (second to the left from the altar). You learn that he was a castoff, like you. You can take 2 Health damage for 2 XP. Talk to the cult leader to learn that the victim had a house in Cliff's Edge. Head there to find it.
  • The house is near the chirurgical parlor. You can use Icon Might small.png Might to dig through the rubble or Icon Intellect small.png Intellect (Anamnesis) to recall a memory. Digging through the rubble creates a shade (Empty Reflection) in The Calm.
  • The Cultists near the ruined house can be asked about the house and who looted it. They mention that they saw three dusty children rummaging through the ruins.
  • Talk to Avina and acquire the Interdimensional Puzzle Box. Return to The Calm (getting strangled by the Ghostly Woman works), then talk to the Empty Reflection - who becomes Seria. Talk to her to learn how her father died.
  • Return to the sculptor to receive the Spirit Shroud. It does not matter what you say, he will accept your statement.
  • If Zaofi was given the proper information, later you can find him terrorized by something. The Sorrow visited him, praised his work and took it from him, for it "touches a piece of the truth that mortals must never see", then vanished.