The Furtive Eidolon

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The Furtive Eidolon
Torment Item Icon 033.png
General data
EffectConfers the Furtive Eidolon fettle (+50% on Stealth and Perception tasks, automatic attemt to hide at the end of turn)
Lasts 5 turns
ValueIcon shins.png 60

The Furtive Eidolon is a Cypher in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Description[edit | edit source]

Anyone who wears this skintight suit and head covering becomes invisible (or nearly so) to the naked eye. It also resists many forms of scanning. It warps light around the wearer's body in such a way that things behind him can be seen. The effect is not flawless, often leaving a visible silhouette similar to heat haze, but in certain environments it can help him to hide in plain sight - especially if he remains motionless. Despite its advantages, the suit is not perfect. When the wearer moves, he creates a bubble or blur in the air that may be quite noticeable.

Location[edit | edit source]