The Fourth Mark

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Fourth mark.png

The Fourth Mark is a mysterious structure along the coast of Draolis.

Background[edit | edit source]

Overlooking the crashing waves of Eldan Firth, the Fourth Mark resembles a gigantic upright axe or hammer. the narrow, tower-like base rises up 500 ft. or more, and the crescent-shaped top is 100 ft. across.

Entering the Fourth Mark is a simple matter. An open doorway at ground level provides access to a winding stair that leads up to the shaft to the top. However, there your progress ends, for no one has ever opened up the smooth synth hatch that would provide an entrance to the "head" of the tall structure. Dejected explorers have trudged back down and out after trying explosives, destructive rays, and all manner of cutting tools. None has left a mark.

Guaral, a fisher in a nearby village, had this to say:

"That old eyesore gets its name from a legend my grandpappa told me. Folks from that time say there was, back then, more of'em - four to be all exact. All of 'em standing watch over the firth there. Called 'em the four marks, like they's marked some special spot or some such. They also says that some folks a-came from across the sea and entered each of 'em, one at a time, and when they's done, each of them towers sunk into the sea. But when they got to the last one, somethin' scared 'em outta there. They left it, and there it stands still today."[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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