The Face That Never Remembered

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The Face That Never Remembered
Torment Item Icon 217.png
General data
TypeQuest item
ValueIcon shins.png

The Face That Never Remembered is a Quest item in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Description[edit | edit source]

A face sculpted from a soft grey material gazes through and beyond you from ashen sockets. The mask affixes to your face with an almost lifelike eagerness. It is clammy, moist to the touch. Viewed through its lens, the world takes on a nightmarish aspect. Once-mundane objects twist with strange new angles. Familiar faces, those of your most trusted friends and companions, contort in ways they never should. In the corners of your eyes, misshapen monstrosities lurch and stagger across impossible landscapes. The effects are subtle at first, but the longer you wear the mask, the more horrifying the visions. What enlightenment, or madness, awaits one with the courage to wear it for long enough?

Location[edit | edit source]