Temple of the Trait Breeders

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The Temple of the Trait Breeders is a significant structure within the underwater city of Minifera.

Background[edit | edit source]

Considered a keystone of naiadan culture as well as there for their mastery of the numenera, the temple itself is comprised of a large dome that's surrounded by a campus of smaller, interconnected domes and pools that almost never remain in the same location. The Temple also features several different breeding chambers, segregated from each other and used to store various kinds of primordial dyremmi, including those imprinted with an ability.

The facility is run by the head trait breeder, who is currently a female naiadapt named Kulusa. She looks practically human with red hair and ring on each of her fingers. Having arrived in Minifer about 3 centuries ago, Kulusa was already an accomplished nano who soon took to trait breeding with dyremmi. While she's since gained the respect of many naiadans, there are some who are still suspicious of her rising to one of the most important decisions within the city. However, the latter party has been deemed as racist towards the naiadapt population.

Any citizen of Minifera who wants to undertake a new program of research has to go to the Temple first, where they can, at the very least, apply for a batch of dyremmi to be potentially imprinted with a variety of new traits. Those who are very insistent however, may also get a tiny dome of the Temple's campus assigned to them for a while. Any one of these domes alone can provide the researcher all the resources that the Temple can offer them.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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