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The Temple of Eurynomec is a structure named after the otolin Eurynomec in the Phaeton Halo.

Background[edit | edit source]

Whenever otolins uncover any particularly advanced kinds of numenera, few will be tempted to meld them with their own bodies, this would effectively evolve their abilities far beyond the others. But doing so is a taboo among their culture, and thus most would never even dream of it. Those that do would become too dangerous and thus be locked away from sight or eliminated. One such otolin, a female named Eurynomec, served as an example for the others.

After having incorporated multiple powerful devices, Eurynomec self-evolved her own abilities. At first, they allowed her to create illusions via a manipulation of energy. But as she continued to grow stronger, she begin to manipulate matter as well, allowing her to changer her physical form among other things. In the end, however, her greatest feat seemed to be the ability to jump vast distances across the cosmos, without any limit to how far or what she could bring.

The other members of her kind tried to lock her away within a so-called "temple", but in the process, 1/10th of the entire population was lost. While this all happened a few millenia ago, recently, the infamous Ghamalso freed her from her confines, and she can thus come and go as she so chooses.

From an exterior perspective, the temple seems to be a lightless object of about a thousand feet wide along each side, shaped like a pyramid. While it may appear impenetrable, if one touches its outer surface, they'll immediately be teleported inside to the court of Eurynomec within as a level 7 effect.[1]

Court of Eurynomec[edit | edit source]

The Court within the temple contains a filled with artificial gravity. Malachite-green oil fills the Court to an average depth of about 3 ft. hidden underneath, however, are hollows and vertical shafts that plunge even deeper into the structure, leading to other remote areas of the temple's interior. The only source of light are mysterious white lights, akin to fireflies, that hover above the liquid. Unfortunately, Shadows of the void also hide along the walls, or as Eurynomec refers to them, shades.

Whenever Eurynomec is present within her Court, she'll usually occupy its center, half-submerged in the liquid. She appears similar to an otolin but much larger, sporting a smoother carapace with fin-like structures and flippers rather than insectoid wings. Eurynomec is able to swim through dimensions that separate one place in space from another via her fin-and-flipper components.[2]

Eurynomec's Goals[edit | edit source]

Otolins usually view Eurynomec's court as a vile and twisted place, with its oil nothing more than a tainted sickness, and the shadows of the void her demonic vanguard, and they might not be wrong, even if biased. Nevertheless, Eurynomec's goals ever since her release remain a mystery. However, she will respond to requests from Ghamalso to relocate both him and his menagerie to different locales and then back again, thus allowing him to continue his avocation.

Explorers from the Ninth World that enter Eurynomec's Court won't necessarily be killed or tortured, with their dismembered body parts used for interior design by her "shades", as the other otolins have warned. Instead, Euronymec will negotiate with any visitors and, if provided with something of great interest, may even grant a boon in return. The few times this has ever occurred, her gift was to transport a group of people to some distant location in the universe.[3]

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