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Taranhall is the largest ellaticurid settlement on the planet Naharrai.

Background[edit | edit source]

Taranhall is a significant center for ellaticurid civilization - the closest thing they have to a "capital city", although the ellaticurids lack a centralized government. Rather, Taranhall is important not due to politics, but due to the presence of the largest of ellaticurid libraries. The library is the largest and central-most structure in town, but like many ellaticurid buildings, it's low to the ground to protect against storms, with most of it existing underground. Many small independent schools, each with their own particular focus and philosophy, lie around the library.

The ruler of Taranhall is an elderly woman named Gehathi, who's respected by nearly everyone. She seems to know everyone within the city on a personal level, although that couldn't be true literally, for about 10,000 people inhabit it. Still though, she can't cross the street in less than 15 minutes due to all the people who stop her to chat amiably.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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