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The Taiashar Tower is a tall structure covered in red and blue lights along the Titanic Ridge.

Background[edit | edit source]

About 300 humans live within this structure, and all of them revere the overlord Taiashar - for whom the tower is named - as some deity. Why overlords would keep humans as subjects soon becomes clear: the overlords were once themselves human, before assuming their current mantles. Being overlords, each is responsible for tending the dimensional gate which can be found in each of their respective towers, but, due to their past, still retain some distinct for social interaction.

Various devices from inside the tower improve the lives of those inhabiting it. Open shafts whisk away residents between levels and Doors will iris open at the touch. Communication between levels is facilitated by invisible messengers, instantly connecting people with one another. Music and stories can also be experienced in the same way.

The humans within each tower were descended from explorers who had ascended the ridge in the past, becoming enraptured by Taiashar's overwhelming presence, and deciding never to leave. They all live within compartments and levels throughout the tower, protected from the overt effects of dimensional bleed outside. Many will spend hours a day hunting and gathering food from the Expois, a limited dimension from the other side of a gate located at the tower's apex. Residents that don't go on daily trips through the portal instead remain behind to prepare foods, mend clothing, guard against agents from the other towers, and otherwise see to the needs of the community as a whole. One of those needs being the Ceremony of Song.[1]

Ceremony of Song[edit | edit source]

Humans within the tower conduct the ceremony of songs each day, an event where voices rise with praises for Taiashar. The ceremony happens on a level midway up the tower that's part temple and part throne room. While the ceremony will usually commence in some grand fashion, like a formal religious mass, it soon becomes informal in nature. Simple talk is exchanged while tea among other foodstuffs are consumed by the attendees and games played. Generally speaking, Taiashar will stand and mingle with the celebrants. Taiashar enjoys the company of humans, even despite its elevated, energy-based status. The only thing that it's subjects never mention is anything to do with other towers, since such topics enrage their lord.[2]

Taiashar[edit | edit source]

Human-shaped with flesh that glows with energy, Taiashar's light is so intense that even when cloaked or masked, it would still be enough to illuminate a room. If Taiashar were to fully disrobe, the light would be completely blind people. When not interacting with other subjects, the overlord can be found within the tower's gate chamber at it's apex, either that or simply plotting the downfall of the other overlords in an auxiliary chamber.[3]

Lerian[edit | edit source]

The majordomo of Taiashar, Lerian, a female human with grey-streaked hair, has served her overlord for one year in her current position. According to her story, she once showed up at the ridge from the University of Doors to conduct some research, but was asked to stay by Taiashar. After acquiescing, she was promoted to majordomo due to her abilities. However, Taiashar is unaware of an invitation she's received from a rival gate overlord named Rhimas. Ever since then, she's secretly provided Rhimas with reports on the state of affairs within Taiashar's tower. On some occasions, she'll even commit minor acts of sabotage. But due to her position, even a little sabotage can go a long way. While she bides her time for now, sooner or later she'll be provided the perfect opportunity to murder Taiashar and destroy the tower's gate.[4]

Visitor Treatment[edit | edit source]

Those who come to the tower will usually be treated in a civil manner, though they'll also be quizzically asked as to whether they're actually agents from other towers. If convinced otherwise, they'll be shown hospitality and conducted to the next ceremony of song. It's there that they'll meet the tower's overlord that possesses no discernible gender and asked that they stay awhile. Due to Taiashar's overwhelming personality, it's unlikely that they would refuse.[5]

The Gate Chamber[edit | edit source]

The dimensional gate itself is a level 7 device that focuses an immense amount of energy in order to puncture a spherical hole into reality. Various control surfaces, which are protected by clear synth panels, allow the tower's overlord to control the gate as well as siphon energy from it. The panels will automatically slide back into place whenever Taiashar isn't accessing the controls, and the controls themselves are currently set to allow only a small amount of dimensional bleed outside the tower's walls.

Other settings are possible for the machine, including one that can fire bolts of transdimensional energy at targets up to 300 ft. away, within a direct line of sight, inflicting 20 points of damage. However, the other towers are immune to said attacks.

The gate mechanism itself is actually intelligent in nature, an if prompted, might reveal that the tower's original purpose was to defend against a terrifying threat that never actually materialized. Because of how long ago that was, the overlord's have since forgotten all about it. Whenever an overlord is eliminated, it will seek out another human to take its place and convert the selected applicant into a being of energy.

The gate leads to a limited, fragmented dimension known as Expois (which is covered in vividly-hued fungal growths), where each day a hunting band of dozens travel to collect all manner of nutritional and medicinal mushrooms.A lucky pack might even find an Aralbur to hunt down and bring back, as those filmy-winged created with toxic breath can actually taste wonderful when properly cooked.[6]

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