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Synchradel is a large structure inhabited by dothin located within the dimension of Panaton.

Background[edit | edit source]

A pack of dothin reside within this rambling structure composed of connected obsidian cubes several miles across. Individual cube interiors will randomly shift states between being solid matter and open space. The inhabiting dothin have learned to sense these transitions before they occur. Other explorers of the Synchradel who don't gain a dothin guide eventually learn that it's nearly impossible to survive a cube transition from empty space to solid matter.

Several dothin watch Synchradel's main entrance, an open square on an exterior cube some 30 ft. on a side, except the entrance is little more than a solid block. When it is open, visitors may meet the inhabiting dothin, under the leadership of a gold and red striped individual (the pack's Reference) called Rada.

Rada is a particularly sensitive to time states and the Synchradel chamber transitions between solid and empty states. It's desperate to find a weapon against the Thexx somewhere within Synchradel, because Rada is convinced the Thexx are nothing less than time adepts who should've been erased with all the rest. Rada fears that the Thexx's charade will soon be pierced, revealing the time adepts, and that the same causal timeslip that failed to eradicate them the first time around will at last wipe away all of Panaton, including the dothin.

The mysteries of Synchradel are deep. Sometimes, when a solid cube transitions to an empty space, allowing access, strange machinery is revealed. Those with some kind of knowledge regarding temporal phenomena are able to deduce that it serves as secondary components to some vast temporal engine. Whether that engine is idling about, running full out, or malfunctioning is more difficult to ascertain. Likewise, what the engine powers - be it the Synchradel, Panaton, or some even grander temporal phenomenon - is difficult to determine without years of study and ancient knowledge that perhaps only the time adepts had possessed.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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