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Sorg are aggressive creatures that expand across the void.

Background[edit | edit source]

Sorg define the meaning of the word "antagonism." They gain status by conquering other creatures, all supposedly in the name of some distant sorg king. Sorg usually command deadly weapons, the ability to move between worlds, and even a murderous desire to spread their own kind across all existence. They've colonized - and conquered - a region of the void consisting of several hundred suns known as the Sorg Reach. As creatures protected by a pressurized-bivalve shell crusted with technology, sorg would prefer microgravity or aqueous environments over others, but they can operate in full gravity by relying on levitation artifacts attached to their shells.

The sorg are hierarchical beings, and each warfleet commander rules over lesser-ranked sorg serving on its ship with an iron fist. In fact, every sorg fancies itself something like a king in its own right, and will always plot for a way to rise over its current superior. However, all sorg owe fealty to an especially revered individual called Sorganis, found on a pearl-hued planet called the Throneworld, located somewhere at the center of the Reach.

Sorg tend to be xenophobic, expansionist, and ruthless to those who they consider weaker than themselves, including their own young. even though they've been traveling the void for only about a millennium, their numbers have swelled geometrically at this time. Sometimes they decide to wipe out an alien species that they conquer, and other times they enslave creatures to serve as workers in their shipyards, constantly churning out new warships at the cost of stripping conquered star systems bare of their resources.

The Sorg Reach isn't especially near Sun or its children, but the region is always growing. War-capable sorg scout craft continually search for new locations to bring into the Reach. They're especially interested in star systems rich with the machinery of extinct prior-world civilizations. At least one such scout craft crashed on Earth and deposited a few surviving sorg inside the Beyond. It's only a matter of time before the stasis effect that protected the occupants during the crash either fades or is turned off by explorers, releasing the sorg (and edou, the dangerous vermin most sorg vessels harbor) into the Ninth World.[1]

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Sorg don't have any gender. They reproduce simply by expelling their eggs at any other sorg can later fertilize. Eggs hatch into tiny swimming "fry" that fight and eat each other until only a few individuals of that spawning are left.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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