Slave Families

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The Slave Families are the current leader of the Sagus Protectorate. They also directly manage the capital city of Sagus Cliffs, through its council.

They originated from the Sagus Cliffs Slave Rebellion, when the slave of the capital city overthrew the former aristocracy and took its place. However, the former slaves did not managed to eradicate the old aristocratic families, who survived by hiding themselves and their wealth among the population. Later, they merged with the new power in place, the early Slave Families, by marrying their children with those of the former slaves.

Now, the old aristocracy has completly substituted the slaves descendants, but still act as the sucessors of those who overthrew them. They fight one another for political and social power, living in decadence while the Sagus Protectorate has became nothing more than a shell around Sagus Cliffs.

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