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The Skelirroth Dredge is the eponymous, largest vehicle of the Skelirroth Fleet.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Skelirroth Dredge holds approximately 30,00 human inhabitants, all of which are distributed across multiple precincts within the vehicle. As a result of its status as the home of the Fixers' Guild, the dredge is in much better shape than all the others. The dredge's farrac vats are also able to produce slightly more than the population requires, thus providing the inhabitants of Skelirroth enough to trade the other dredges with in exchange for the valuable cuinum that the rest of the fleet can produce. The Fixers' Guild values the cuinum for his regenerative abilities, while the rest of the population enjoys its more euphoric qualities.[1]

Ombel[edit | edit source]

Located within the crown of the dredge next to several associated, wide chambers, the populous precinct of Ombel provides its citizenry a rare view of the exterior, thanks to the main compartment's domed ceiling of transparent synth. At times when the dredge travels through the shallows, the seafloor will sometimes rise so dramatically that the dome of ombel would be able to breach the surface, allowing the natives to see the the sky and the "mystical dry land" that's often described in children's stories. The city houses about 2,000 people, most of whom live inside a family-claimed side chamber. the main compartment, instead, serves as the common area, despite a large portion of it being heavily under the control of the Fixers' Guild. Most visitors come from other parts of the dredge, seeking aid for problems big and small from the Guild. To the untrained eye, this compartment could easily look like some bustling junkyard.

The "Grandmaster" of the Fixer's Guild is a woman named Leasel, who wears a long gown that's covered in pockets, each of which is filled with some kind of tool. Leasel specializes in creating pets, servants, or even animate art from the bodies of defunct maintenance automatons. While she has repaired an automaton on occasion, she and the rest of the guild generally see that as Iskelorm Dredge's concern. Since losing her family to a bunch of ravenous slimes, she has since made a bunch of automaton servants, each of which is named after a lost family member.

An airlocked entrance at the top of the dredge that leads to Ombel is known as the Januar Door. It's monitored and maintained by a man with striking blue eyes and black hair called Raychard. At one point, Raychard claims to have seen a large, flying beast during one of the times that Ombel had breached the surface, further telling of people who were seen riding said creature. With the hopes to someday fly himself, Raychard has begun mounting an expedition to the exterior surface in order to search for that beast.[2]

Nylad[edit | edit source]

A series of multiple compartments weaved in conjuction with sets of food vats is what comprises the precint of Nylad. In recent times, this city has been disturbed by a group known as the Farrac Brigade. Led by a man named Ahrin, the Brigade attempts to disrupt food distribution from the vats, seeing the Traders' Guild's salvage share as not in the best interests of the dredge. They further claim that all cyphers, shins, or even cuinum flakes that are provided by the Guild, in exchange for the farrac, are actually a farce. In truth, however, known by only his closest lieutenants, the food salvage claim is secretly as a means to build up power so that one day Ahrin can take over the dredge and eventually the entire fleet. Ahrin curently thinks he might have an advantage in this regard, claiming that the fabled command and control room for the entire fleet is located somewhere within the Iskelorm Dredge.[3]

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