Shrouded Kingdom

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The Shrouded Kingdom is a region of New Yenth swarming with lycidarises.

Background[edit | edit source]

With a military citadel among a series of watchtowers set along its borders, the Shrouded Kingdom has had no luck whatsoever in expanding further into the recesses of New Yenth - which is ironic, considering that lycidarises come from there. At the heart of the Shrouded Kingdom lies an Encysted Tomb, and within which are white, stone vessels from where the first lycidaris emerged - the Alpha. The Alpha lives within the Shrouded Kingdom, though it's sent uncounted millions of offspring into alternate worlds cognate with New Yenth. Many of those worlds have already been consumed by the lycidaris hordes. The Alpha maintains light telepathic contact among its progeny while they're in other dimensions. The more they expand, the more the Alpha's mind will expand. The Alpha rarely stirs from its dream-like torpor at the center of a vast web shroud, content to let its mind keep growing. This perhaps the only thing that prevents New Yenth itself from being consumed.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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