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Torment Item Icon 204.png
General data
TypeBonded item
Effect+50% Movement Speed
+2 Icon Speed small.png Speed
+1 damage per Effort applied, Max +6 on Esotery attacks
-2 Icon Might small.png Might
ValueIcon shins.png 201

Shadowstep is a Bonded item in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Description[edit | edit source]

This set of brown spikes look like the roots of a plant. A pleasant flowery smell, accompanied by a gentle warmth, surrounds them. When placed against the user's feet they take root, driving themselves into the flesh. Once planted they allow one to move more swiftly, as if the spikes give their user a boost with each step. There are many rumors whispered about Shadowstep, especially in the shadows of alleyways and dark corners of taverns, for they allow those with ill intent to quickly catch up with a target or make a fast getaway. One story tells of a glaive who tried to skip town after he stole from his fellow travelers, only to find the party's jack ahead of him wherever he went, until in desperation he leapt from a cliff. The jack returned the stolen loot, but kept his part for herself.

Location[edit | edit source]