Sevenfold Tower

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The Sevenfold Tower is a large structure perched along the Titanic Ridge.

Background[edit | edit source]

Seven overlords each share sovereignty within this tower, refusing to keep humans for companionship. Rather, they prefer each other's company and are referred to merely as the Sevenfold, even though they all have names. Together they seek to find a means to end the dimensional bleed spewing across the Titanic Ridge.

Currently, the Sevenfold protest that conflict is not the way of the overlords and that, once upon a time, they all acted in unanimity. However, in the past millennium, when their original purpose was forgotten, the overlords began to experience conceptions of strife, competition, and even personal power. The Sevenfold have laid most of the blame upon humanity, who were said to begin appearing around when overlords began to turn on one another. As such, the Sevenfold choose to lure human explorers into their tower under false pretenses and then proceed to either kill them or banish them through to the other side of their gate.[1]

The Gate Chamber[edit | edit source]

The dimension beyond the gate that the Sevenfold covet is named Meurrelm and it seems to be nothing more than vacuum. This void is filled with rubble from a world that was torn apart by unfathomable energies, once upon a time. Bits of numenera can be found floating around, though they're the size of small moons. [2]

References[edit | edit source]

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