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Sapphire City is mobile settlement that constantly travels across the Whispering World.

Background[edit | edit source]

Sapphire City is a tall, many-legged structure, made from what appear to be a deep blue crystal, that resembles a tree on its side, if all the branches moved around like tentacles providing locomotion. While it moves, it gives off a loud sound, chimelike chorus, like a thousand bells playing at once. Wood and scavenged-synth structures are built on, around, and hang down from the central trunk, which stretches some 800 ft. long and is elevated about 30 ft. off the ground by the branch-legs. This odd entity is actually an artifact on which about 300 people make their home. Sapphire City will rarely ever stop and wanders off to most locations across the Steadfast. Every few months or so it will pause, burrow its branch-legs into the soil, and remain still for a couple of days before it begins its travels anew. No one that lives within the city truly knows of the =crystal's origins, why it wanders, or where it's even going. They only k now that the sound of the moving city makes hearing the shouts of passing whispers inaudible. Moreover, whispers don't possess the ingenuity to climb up the trailing rope ladders that allow residents to move around.

The city lacks a leader, with a city council of 5 ruling the settlement. wo glaives, an Aeon Priest, a Jack, and the displaced Sallian Orsay the Red (previously from Kaparin), the council sees to it that everyone's needs are met. They aren't averse to helping strangers, but will require something in return, be that food, information, or even valuable treasure.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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