Sagus Cliffs Slave Rebellion

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The Sagus Cliffs Slave Rebellion is an important event in the history of the Sagus Protectorate and its capital city, Sagus Cliffs.

Two centuries ago and for a long time, the Sagus Protectorate was governed by a rich aristocracy, whose power originated from the Sagus Cliffs' strategic position on a major merchant road and the fee, they enforced on the merchandises transiting through it.

Slavery was common in the Protectorate, and one day the slaves, led by Chila, gathered in the Bloom and overthrew the aristocratic families. Those events put an end on the expansionism of the Protectorate. The main consequences for the protectorate in the long term were the loss of influence and territories.

The slaves were not able to eliminate all the aristocrats, who escaped with their wealth and hid among the population, while the former slaves established a new society with its own social hierarchy, and led by the Slave Families. The former leaders awaited their hours and eventually merged with the new power in place by marrying their children with those of the Slave Families.

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