Runic Blade of Tol Danor

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Runic Blade of Tol Danor
Torment Item Icon 059.png
TypeMelee Heavy Artifact
Damage10 Physical and 10 Energy damage, +2 damage per Effort applied, Max +8
Uses Icon Might small.png Might
ShinsIcon shins.png 517

Runic Blade of Tol Danor is a Melee Heavy Artifact weapon in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Description[edit | edit source]

The jagged, runelike script etched into the gray-black blade is a dark, deep red hue. Any eyes that lingers too long on the strange letters are rewarded at first with discomfort and then with ever-increasing pain, rather than any measure of understanding. Upon touching the weapon for the first time, it grants an image of a long-lost, wondrous place, imbuing a sense of smoldering betrayal and tremendous loss. The immense power of the blade is self-evident, but the havoc and pain it brings to foes seem to stay with it, and its bearer, as a lingering cloud of guilty remembrance.

Location[edit | edit source]