Ring of Entanglement

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Ring of Entanglement
Torment Item Icon 068.png
General data
TypeOrnament (Artifact)
EffectAll fettles and stats healed are shared between the characters wearing these rings.
ValueIcon shins.png 278

Ring of Entanglement is a Ornament (Artifact) in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Description[edit | edit source]

This loop of metal is constructed from a short band that splits and branches, threads twisting and bending in upon themselves before seamlessly reforming at the other end. The coils are maddeningly knotted, making it impossible to trace a complete path, yet at the same time a pattern waits to be revealed, just beyond the edge of comprehension.
Of the handful unearthed through the ages, these rings were once dismissed as mere trinkets until an unnamed collector discovered twins purely by chance. It is said that this man wore one of the matched set and gifted his lover with the other. During one particular amorous encounter, both were astounded by their shared sensations and an oddly heightened sense of awareness. When the couple identified the rings as the source of this connection, further use showed that they mutually experienced every physical pain, pleasure, and sickness felt by either. This effect disappeared when they wore an unmatched pair of bands.

Location[edit | edit source]