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The Rhimas Tower is a tall structure that sits along the Titanic Ridge.

Background[edit | edit source]

Similar to other active towers along the ridge, the overlord of Rhimas tower hosts human subjects and oversees its own dimensional gate, which leads to a universe named Panaton. However, unlike the other overlords, Rhimas has only recently attained its position, after an assassin had killed the original overlord without reports of its death ever reaching the other towers and their masters. But rather than electing a new master, it reanimated itself, creating a mobile humanoid body and assuming the role of its deceased overlord, Rhimas. The dimensional opening was also incorporated into its new guise.

Since beyond the gate lies Panaton as well as its palette of dangerous inhabitants, Neither Rhimas or the original would normally allow creatures emerge from the other side. Humans that serve under the overlord rather use the gate from the Haunted Tower for their hunting purposes. But sometimes, in order to get rid of certain issues, the new Rhimas will gladly suck them into its form and deposit them specifically into the Slow Ocean, where they'll entangled amidst a temporary flow too far removed from Rhimas' to ever remain an issue.

Similar to the celebration of song held within Taiashar Tower, Rhimas hosts daily social gatherings, but which have of recent days been strained. Seeing as how the new incarnation of Rhimas has never been human, its social skills remain unpolished and its social structure has even begun to disintegrate. In the end, Rhimas has begun to also view its human residents as vermin to be eradicated in due time.

Rhimas is able to siphon energy from its bodily gate in order to deliver really devastating blasts of transdimensional energy, but to do so would require its return to the tower's apex and a re-connection with the larger mechanism, ultimately limiting its mobility.[1]

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

The newer version of Rhimas is completely unaware of the fact that the original Rhimas had sent Lerian over as a spy into Taiashar Tower.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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