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The Redfleets are a seafaring organization dedicated to exploration of the seas of the Ninth World.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Redfleets are a self-governed crew of vagabonds, thieves, scientists, and other miscreants who sail the high and low seas in search of natural treasure. They care nothing for manmade treasures; in fact, many Redfleets shun and fear the numenera. Others turn their loathing into profit by selling any goods thay discover to the highest bidder. Thier true purpose, however, is discovering the natural miracles of the sea, although how they decide what's natural and what's not isn't always clear.

It's considered a high honor to be the first of the Redfleets to come upon a formerly unknown creature or oceanic feature, and members of the crew ensure their glory by vising Kaparin's RFM, a combined maritime museum, hall of fame, and library. Their they place their findings, tell their story, or store their ship's logs for all to see and marvel at.

Many of the crew live in Kaparin when not asea, including Sallian Orsay the Red (one of the original Redfleet founders, now the ruler of that town) and retired Redfleet captain Jamson "The Liar" Connell. When members die, their loved ones fill their pockets with precious objects, and their crew gives them a proper stoning at sea. The bodies are laid to rest on the ocean floor, covered with stones and tied to stranglekelp so that they will not rise.

Despite their dislike of anything related to the numenera, the Redfleets love their submergines dearly. Originally designed and built by Mergine "Margie" Kar, another founder of the Redfleets, submergines are clearsynth bioships that safely dive up to 5 miles beneath the ocean's surface and stay there for up to six years. The bio element comes form a creature esconced within the ship's hull that provides both food and fresh water and recycles contaminants. The clearsynth allows the crew to see in every direction, and some of the latter submergine models include magnifications, camouflage breakers, and light sources in the hull to enable better "bottom feeding" - scuttling slowlyjust above the ocean floor to discover hidden creatures.

Unfortunately, many years ago Mergine Kar died suddenly, taking the secrets of the submergines with him. The Redfleets mourn his loss in a shrine room in the RFM and hold tight to their remaining ships, knowing there won't be anymore.[1]

Redfleets of Note[edit | edit source]

The two best-known commanders of the Redfleets are actually retired captains.

Sallian Orsay:[edit | edit source]

This tall, willowy woman has dark red hair and appears to be about twenty years of age, but is probably at least twice as old as that. She was one of the original Redfleet founders, and now rules the city of Kaparin.

Captain Jamson "The Liar" Connell:[edit | edit source]

This burly man has wild hair, bulging eyes, and several metal teeth. Rumor has it that on an exploration mission that went bad, he killed and ate his entire crew. He has a reputation for violent aggression against anyone who threatens him.[2]

Membership Benefits[edit | edit source]

Symbol:[edit | edit source]

A grey circle with a red arc on the upper section

Motto:[edit | edit source]

Find it, display it, boast it

Badge of Membership:[edit | edit source]

Waterproof coat with the group's symbol on the breast pocket

Membership Benefits:[edit | edit source]

In lieu of gaining a new skill, members of the Redfleets can have a device implanted in their throats that allows them to breathe water as easily as air, This procedure must be done at the RFM in Kaparin.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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