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The Rebel Fortress is the headquarters of the Insurgents in the realm of Celerillion.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Rebel Fortress will rarely remain the same place for long. It flits about the Unfettered Range, flying so high above the plain that it's location is only to be seen by chance. The Insurgents name their mobile abode after its intended purpose: as a nexus of rebel activity against the Philosopher. The Insurgents don't hold with the cautious nature that the Philosopher enforces on his people. They don't believe that the Precipice exists and would like to throw down all the conservative rules and procedures that have kept the tonbrium hidden throughout Celerillion.

Every insurgent is encourage to practice oriception, specifically in tasks related to conceptual attack. There aren't any Conceptors or Hunters among their ranks and all consider themselves fighting a war that will eventually give rise to a new order. They won't stop as they say until the Philosopher himself is overthrown. Besides soldiers, the Rebel Fortress also houses various weapons unearthed by the movement throughout the years, which manifests as dangerous concepts discovered from within cerebral husks. The full extent of said armory remains a secret.

The Insurgents are led by a tonbrium named Garl, who always wear thick armor forged from silver logic. Garl is known to be a master tactician. He's also not above lying in order to sway others to his cause. He's convinced that many of his fellows as well as more than one group of dimension walkers, that the Philosopher is nothing more than an evil despot that needs to be expunged so as to prevent some unspecified catastrophe. In truth, if Garl, were ever to seize such power, it would re- ignite the expansionist dreams of the former tonbrium empire.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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