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Picalah is a settlement along the outskirts of Dessanedi.

Background[edit | edit source]

Picalah is a city of about 10,000 people. many of whom came to the area as a result of the find in the Lambent Fields. The simple city is having difficulty dealing with the influx of new people as well as the contentions over the fields.

Shortly after the discovery of the mechanical creature's body, Picalah split apart, with four organizations at the helm of the controversy.

While the four groups fight, the mining operations are at a standstill, except for those who sneak by or pay off the guards in the dark of night.

Stackle Spire is the city's director. She believes that the purpose of the Lambent Fields is to bring prosperity, fame, and a high quality of life to Picalah and its inhabitants. She keeps the army at the field's borders and continues to fight for the right to mine numenera.

Lorne Mamm is the Mag of the Populace Priory, a religious sect that believes the giant creature is one of the gods that came before and deserves to be worshipped as such. The Populace Priory advocates that a large, open-air place of reverence be built in the center of the dig.

Colten Gangy is the overseer of the Land Laws, a group of city natives who argue that the fields are a burial ground for giants. The whole area must be reburied out of respect for the dead. The group insists that replanting the land with a giant grove of trees would keep the dead happy in their graves and prevent them from rising to destroy the earth.

Finally, Efrix Morle is the voice of the Lambent Order, a newly founded sect of those who worship the numenera. They argue that Picalah must fund a careful excavation of the fields to look for more giant mechanical creatures and build a museum to protect and display their remains.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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