Numenera Corebook

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Numenera Corebook
Author(s) Monte Cook, Sean K. Reynolds, Shanna Germain
Cover Artist Kieran Yanner
Artist(s) Kieran Yanner, Samuel Araya, Helge Balzer, Mark Buhalo, Chrom, Florian Devos, Sara Diesel, Dreamstime, Jason Engle, Kali Fitzgerald, Guido Kuip, Eric Lofgren, Patrick McEvoy, Jeremy McHugh, Brynn Metheny, Michael Perry, Roberto Pitturru/Fabio Passamonti, Scott Purdy, Lee Smith, Matt Stawicki, Mark Tarrisse, Keith Thompson, Prosper Tipaldi, Cory Trego-Erdner, Shane Tyree, Bear Weiter, Adrian Wilkins, Christopher West
Publisher Monte Cook Games
Published August 14, 2013
Pages 416
Format Hardcover, Deluxe Hardcover, PDF

The Numenera Corebook is the main rulebook. It’s a 416 page hardcover with color art. This book gives you all the rules of the game as well as the Ninth World setting, GM advice, and even some adventures to get you started.

Chapters[edit | edit source]

  • New World, New Game
  • Part 1: Getting Started
  • Part 2: Characters
  • Part 3: Playing the game
  • Part 4: The Setting
  • Part 5: Creatures & Characters
  • Part 6: The Numenera
  • Part 7: Running the Game
  • Part 8: Adventures
  • Part 9: Black Matter

Appearances[edit | edit source]