Noxus' Seamount

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Noxus' Seamount is an underwater island inhabited by automatons on the planet Xeobrencus.

Background[edit | edit source]

This subsurface piece of land rose from deeper sediments to within 90 ft. of the ocean's surface, though several pinnacles have been known to breach it. The so-called seamount barely contains any silactonite, however, currents rich in its energy that emanate from the Blue zone have created a diverse ecosystem which serves as a breeding ground for all sorts of native lifeforms.

A group of marine automatons reside within its caverns; with most appearing as elongated torpedoes some 30 ft. in length that have the ability to manipulate objects via their slender extendible arms. They spend most of their time analyzing the water, air and even sea life, plus all sorts of things from unknown origins. If they comes across any explorers, they will quickly try to collect samples to take back to the seamount.

Few of these machines truly care about visitors, but one of their number would have to be Noxus, an automaton with severe rusting. The rust is an unfortunate consequence interacting with a device encountered while it was investigating samples brought back from an ancient structure along the abyssal plain. Ever since then, Noxus has become curious of other organisms, desiring to know their minds as well as their bodies. But since it has little opportunity to practice its social skills, Noxus will usually resort to mannerisms and tantrums befitting a five-year old human child, at least, in the event that it doesn't get its way.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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