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Norou is a mercantile town located at the outer entrance of the Clock of Kala.

Background[edit | edit source]

A town built at the western end of the Sheer, Norou is a waypoint for travelers and merchant caravans alike before they make their 320 mile trek to Wislayn (or even after they arrive from that city). The Sheer doesn't have any real stops along the way, so Norou is the last place to resupply before heading eastward.

A great deal of trading occurs within Norou. Merchants and customers exchange the exotic goods of Augur-Kala flowing from the east with wares from the west such as the Steadfast or even the Beyond.

The ruler of Norou is a tyrannical despot, however, calling himself Lord Abellor. He expects a high tribute from all the merchants travelling through his town, and while he may have soldiers to back up his demands, he also does so through his own power. Abellor actually no longer has a human body. He exists merely as a brain within the interior of a powerful automaton which he controls. Behind his back, the people often refer to him as Lord Iron-Pants.

The population of Norou is about 6,000 and while most of these people are merchants and other service providers catering to travelers (with inns, brothels, pubs, etc.), many happen to be beggars and thieves.

"Iyene Who Knows" is a knowledge broker who calls herself a hunter of information. She's worked as a spy and thief in the past, but now she just gathers and trades information in Norou. Known by the criminal element of the city, by those in legitimate work, and even by people in distant towns, she doesn't value money or items in the slightest, but instead wants information to exchange, always increasing her primary commodity.[1]

Norou structures.png

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Her Dread Majesty Queen Auster, the ruler of Vralk, the Red Kingdom, maintains a fortress near the mouth of the Sheer. Rumor has it that she plans to build a new fortress not far from Norou. Her spies are everywhere.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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