Nibovian Development

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Nibovian Development is a void within the dimension of Reeval.

Background[edit | edit source]

This 6 mile in diameter void appears to be an especially overgrown garden upon first glance. Tendrils burst like stems in redolent profusion from every surface and reach toward the sphere's center. Each tendril is laden with dozens of hanging bulbs (which look very much like the collection bulbs from the Abscission). Within each grows a biological construct of some kind. Because the Thread can peer int9o other dimensions, right down to the cellular level and even deeper, they can also impart amazing precision to the mimics here. Still, though, the mimics aren't copies - they're merely probes. Once the probes are grown to specification, the bulbs will detach, harden into an egglike thickness, and are then transported into the Ejection Void.

If cut open, the bulbs are found to contain a variety of Nibovian constructs, including wives, companions, and even guides. Child constructs can also be found here, but since they were designed to be able to reproduce themselves within the base dimension, not as many would be found gestating here. Even if a bulb is opened and found to fully contain a fully developed creature, Nibovians formed here won't generally wake up until they're ejected from this dimension into the Ninth World.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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