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Naiadapt Alley is a locale primarily for visitors within the underwater city of Minifera.

Background[edit | edit source]

This neighborhood is run by a female naiadapt known simply as "the Mayor", to which all residents are his guests. While many naiadapts have long since been integrated within Minifera society, there are still some who reside within the aptly-named "Naiadapt Alley". While not technically illegal, those that live here will stealthily experiment with different kinds of objects and/or devices acquired by trade or from exploration, usually in the form of technology from other, underwater regions. The Mayor helps facilitate the belief that naiadapts must familiarize themselves with the technology of the Prior Worlds, rather than just getting caught up in the biological tech provided to them by the dyremmi populations.

Considered by many to be a putative leader, the Mayor herself holds an extra eye, long, wiry silvery hair, and a voice that penetrates like sonar. She lives in a large place that's filled to the brim with laboratories, usually co-occupied by any other naiadapts wishing to share in her new discoveries. Some of the labs are known to even hold air bubbles that maintain surface pressure and temperature, while at least one is known for holding an excess of human body parts, that are sacrificed by those undergoing the transformation into a naiadapt. Any of these parts can still be combined with either dyremmi or non-dyremmi-based technology, resulting in a number of partly-living oddities. While still unsure as to what she'll find with them, she believes something wondrous will emerge, nevertheless.

Of the Mayor's projects, the most prized is a humanoid creation with a fin-like hands, head, and feet adaptations which she refers to as the "Alpha". The Alpha doesn't speak directly to anyone but is extremely loyal to its creator, it can also bud off duplicates of itself, each surviving a few hours before dissolution. Some of the naiadapts from the Alley have grown suspicious of the Mayor's true intentions. While the Myessach Council remains unconcerned, they nonetheless still keep an eye on her, from time to time. [1]

References[edit | edit source]

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