Myessach Assembly Dome

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The Myessach Assembly Dome is a popular place of communion within the underwater city of Minifera.

Background[edit | edit source]

Appearing as a large crystalline dome that's set inside the trench wall, any adult naiadan or naiadapt is liable to attend governing assembly meeting beneath the Myessach Assembly dome. Despite this fact, however, only a handful of citizenry ever really appear, with the ones meeting the most deemed as "part of the Council of Myessach", a distinction that some would be honored to have.

Depending on the importance of the message or decision reached by the council, the following verdict will then be relayed through a variety of communication channels, such as via mouth, via release of coded message chemicals into the surrounding water, via physical messenger. The most outlandish of these are "ultra-communion" events, where the council members will all link up to form a single-thinking entity, leaving little room for misunderstanding and being able to send telepathic news to all naiadans everywhere, including those within distant settlements or embassies.

The dome's caretaker is a male naiadan named Thakarsis, who guards the council whenever they're in communion. If a meeting isn't being held, he'll usually try to maintain the upkeep of the structure. Thakarsis is one of a few people who know that at the rear of the dome is a portal leading to a tunnel about a foot in diameter which connects Minifera to Persamlor. Whenever a decision has been made by the council, Tharkasis will secretly send it through the tunnel over to a dissident faction of other naiadans. [1]

References[edit | edit source]

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