Mines of Talbiss

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The Mines of Talbiss is a diligent ghru settlement on the planet Naharrai.


Although a few exceptions do exist, mines are almost unknown to Ninth worlders. Pure ores are accessible from the surface have long since been depleted over the aeons. Ninth Worlders scavenge metals, ores, and other materials from any extant objects created in the past. None of this is true for Naharrai residents. The mines of Talbiss are rich with iron, nickel, and even silver. Ghru miners bring these ores all the way to the surface, and the foundries of Talbiss immediately smelt them into usable metals. the ghru utilize powerful energy cutters to make mining so much simpler, and the foundries likewise hold numenera advancements that enhance the processes.

About 500 hundred ghru toil within the mines, and another 5 thousand within the foundries. Double that number serve these worker's needs, although food is mostly shipped in from nearby farming villages. A council of former miners (now too old for manual labor) runs the mines and associated town, answering directly to the ghru queen.[1]


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