Min of Tan Liang

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Min of Tan Liang
Min of Tan Liang.png
FactionsOrder of Truth
LocationOrder of Truth

Min of Tan Liang is a character in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


This priest is tall, thin, and dressed only in black. Narrow slashes of oil decorate his unlined skin like letters in an unknown tongue. His eyes are harried, but alive with intelligent humor. They land on you with a tiny flicker of recognition. Min specializes in mechanical numenera of all kinds and runs the Sagus branch of the Order of Truth. He is more of a leader than a scientist whenever he's not tending the Levy machine, exchanging the expertise of the Aeon Priests for support from the Slave Families. He happily accepts reasonable requests for weaponized numenera, deflects the insane ones, and ensures the guild operates on a day to day basis.


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Offers background on the Order of Truth