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Mation is an aboveground settlement on the glacier of Niress.

Background[edit | edit source]

Mation is composed mainly of tents and firepits, each containing about 20 unrelated estathin. Because the heat draining effects of Nalranin's nadir don't extend towards the surface, Mation ends up being slightly warmer than locations within the icedrift. However, because the resident estathin also feel more distant to Nalranin's power to protect them from the cold, they wear warmer clothing than those that reside elsewhere.

The estathin view Mation as a retreat for a once-in-a-lifetime religious observance called the "Test". The Test involves estathin facing the agoraphobia of the outside world, the cold they're normally protected from, and the loss of subconscious contact that they share with Nalranin. Those that come to take the Test must stay a minimum of 28 hours, though there have been some known to stay longer as proof of their devotion. The estathin who's stayed there the longest is known as Krahul. He wears clothing made from colorful feathers, distinctive in both size and color, while also sporting a great beard. Unlike many other estathin, Krahul liked the Test and decided to stay as Mation's caretaker, living off the supplies brought to him by new test-takers. Due to his distance from the reach of Nalranin, Krahul has obtained a greater appreciation of the outside world, though he never question Nalranin's place within their society. During his stay, Krahul has made the acquaintance of several omath explorers, human adventurers, and even other visitors from beyond the Deep Dark, all with the intent to investigate Niress and its oddities. Krahul will provide visiting explorers with a map that detail the hidden entrance to Niress' interior, in exchange for food and cyphers. He will also proved a craved ice pendant that will aid explorers whenever they interact with the other estathin from within the icedrift. During his downtime Krahul hunts the neighboring karestrels that flock around the icedrift in groups of 5 to 10. He's become very skilled after hunting them so long and even possess an artifact that can summon their presence for a brief amount of time.

As a result of them being on the outside, they are also, consequently, the first estathin that human explorers are likely to come across. As per the estathin's Virtues of Nalranin, any and all humans that arrive at Mation are to be treated with hospitality and respect. However, they will not reveal the secrets of the icedrift, nor will they tolerate insults or even threats to either their safety or religious certainty.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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