Luca Meregalli

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Luca Meregalli
Luca Meregalli.png
LocationValley of Dead Heroes

Luca Meregalli is a character in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Background[edit | edit source]

The man is busy reading a strange device, an elegant square of some kind of metal. Odd letters and images flash by on a reflective screen embedded in the square. When you draw near, you notice that the device is plugged into his arm with a long silver wire, and one of the man's eyes is mechanical.

Luca is a veteran of the Endless Battle. He and a dozen others set out from home, an aldeia west of Sagus Cliffs, to find fortune in the Endless Battle. They joined a recruiter in Sagus Cliffs, and enlisted with the army of the Changing God. They thought they were prepared. They were not. The wound up in trenches, fought with bolt-throwers, energy weapons, and detonations. The first day saw half their friends obliterated by a rogue particle wave that emanated from their side of the battlefield. Then they woke again in a new reality, memories of the old world intact but bodies whole - except for Timpo, who was half-dissolved in this new reality. So it went - incremental gains as a whole, with certain consequences carrying into new lives. Sometimes they would undo all our day's heroism for an unseen advantage. Other times they would lose a friend forever.

For Luca, the consequences of the fighting were tragic. One day he was caught half-out of a trench. The air exploded above, and he burned. The new reality did not restore him and he spent some under the care of chiurgeons. When he awoke, Thalana and Denovan reacted very differently and said that more than just his appearance changed. Luca doesn't quite understand that, but knows that he no longer fears, doesn't know emotions except as abstract concepts. That provided the impulse for them to leave.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

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This character has other interactions.

Luca can tell you about his background, netting +2 XP, after you talk to his squad leader.