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Lorrother is a massive, undersea vehicle located within the city of Minifera.

Background[edit | edit source]

Shaped like a lobster and close to 300 ft. in length, Lorrother crawls along the seafloor trench where Minifera sits. It's connected to the far lookers of the Seechar Observation Pod via naidans that are outfitted with telepathic devices. Whenever threats appear, Lorrother can fire torpedoes with pinpoint accuracy, which explode up to 200 miles away in a long-range radius. Closer enemies instead find themselves crushed by its giant pincers.

Its crew consists of up to a dozen naiadans as well as a few naiadapts who serve as crawler pilots. Their chief crawler pilot is a male naiadan sporting multiple extra appendages, named Alondel. A series of specialized dyremmi adaptations have allowed him to connect to all of Lorrother's legs at once via living tubes. While he can use its pincers and missile launcher, he'll usually give those duties to someone else.

The Machine luckily has a few pare chambers filled with low-pressure air to accommodate the occasional surface dweller, such as a traveling, male human peddler by the name of Cheldam. Emitting an air of grace despite an old, rugged appearance and his otherwise dark surroundings, Cheldam claims he's on the run from a crime syndicate based in Kaparin. He also believes he has an allergic reaction to usage of the numenera as well as all dyremmi-bred cyphers. [1]

References[edit | edit source]

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