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Legrash is a town located within the Black Riage.

Background[edit | edit source]

Legrash is a mud-soaked, flea-infested, disgusting collection of hovels whose dirty, disease-ridden residents prey, one way or another, upon the travelers trying to use Tremble Pass, particularly pilgrims of the Wandering Walk. The locals say "lay-graus", but we call the place Leg-Rash, and there's good reason. I wouldn't stay in that place any longer than I had to unless I wanted to get some kind of rash, or far worse. Stay the night in one of their two inns? No thank you.

About 500 people live in Leg-Rash, and every one of them is a degenerate, from the storekeepers and merchants who triple any reasonable price for anything you might want, to the even less ambitious folk who will just slit your throat for the shins in your pocket, assuming they can get up off their drunk, lazy asses long enough to do it.''

~ Tellus Fertrek, merchant caravan guard


References[edit | edit source]

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