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The Legacy is the sensible effect of the influence of the Tides, affecting the Last Castoff and those around him.

Sixteen legacies exists, depending on one or two dominating Tides:

  • Blue Tide
  • Gold Tide
  • Indigo Tide
  • Red Tide
  • Silver Tide
  • Blue Tide and Gold Tide
  • Blue Tide and Indigo Tide
  • Blue Tide and Red Tide
  • Blue Tide and Silver Tide
  • Gold Tide and Indigo Tide
  • Gold Tide and Red Tide
  • Gold Tide and Silver Tide
  • Indigo Tide and Red Tide
  • Indigo Tide and Silver Tide
  • Red Tide and Silver Tide
  • No dominiating Tides

It is a major gameplay mechanic in the Torment: Tides of Numenera video game, and linked to the principal theme of the game. While the designers thought of sixteen possible Legacies, the original plan was to solely include six Legacies, depending on only one major Tide. However, the success of the Kickstarter Campaign made it possible to increase that number, twice.